How do light steel villa houses adapt to various climate environments

Light steel villa house materials such as roofs, wall hanging boards, cornices, water spreaders, rubber products, etc., are used outdoors to withstand the weather test, such as comprehensive damage caused by light, cold and heat, wind and rain, bacteria, etc. Weather resistance.
Weather resistance refers to a series of aging phenomena such as discoloration, discoloration, cracking, powdering and strength reduction of light steel villa houses due to the influence of external conditions such as sunlight exposure, temperature changes, wind and rain. Among them, ultraviolet radiation is the key factor to promote the aging of light steel villa houses.
The basic principle of light steel villa house construction is to meet the weather resistance, which is also a performance that a mature building system must have. The light steel villa house technology is to comprehensively integrate the key characteristics of various materials. This technology is used to complete the house all-weather.
That is, they have the ability to withstand various weather conditions, such as: rain and humidity in the south; snow or frost in the north. Complete consideration and thoroughness can in fact eliminate these problems. Light steel villa houses are the cause of bad weather conditions and often damage to multiple materials.
Light steel villa houses need the most important characteristics of weather resistance in climatic conditions:
1. Weather resistance refers to the performance change of the light steel villa house in the natural environment after being exposed to sunlight, wind and rain. The effect and basic performance of general light steel villa house products within 5 to 20 years will not affect the use effect.
2. Weather resistance refers to its ability to resist natural factors. For most of the light steel villa housing products that are neither immersed in water nor in a corrosive medium, the weather resistance is mainly considered for the design and prediction of the aging life of the surface of the villa house products. Many natural factors that affect weather resistance are mainly physical factors (heat, light, electricity).
3. After the construction of the light steel villa house is completed, its properties such as color and structural strength, which remain unchanged when exposed to the outdoor under natural conditions, can be collectively referred to as the weather resistance of the light steel villa house.
4. The sealant and other materials appear soft and bulging or cracking, and there are incomplete defects. The experimental methods for evaluating the life of all light steel villa materials in natural environments can be adjusted. There are outdoor aging tests and artificial aging tests. To solve.
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